Monday, March 27, 2017

MidSouthCon 2017 - Day 2

MidSouthCon 2017 continues! If you missed the previous post, here's a link: Day 1.

Savage Rifts

My first stop on day 2 was my first game of Savage Rifts. As I mentioned last year, I backed this Savage Worlds edition of Rifts on Kickstarter, and read the books as soon as they arrived at my house--but this was my first opportunity to play.

It was great fun! Our characters were dog boys of different types in a biker gang. (Mine was a crazy poodle who thought he was a cat.) The adventure was "Meet the New Boss" from Savage Foes of North America. My dog boy, Felix, went out in a blaze of glory saving townsfolk from a collapsing building. (Full disclosure, our team member collapsed the building.)

Escape the Room

My second game of the day was a board game we checked out from the library, Escape the Room. It's a tabletop recreation of an escape room experience. It was fun, but there's just about zero replayability to this one.

Feng Shui 2

My other RPG on day 2 was another first for me, Feng Shui 2. The adventure was "Red Packet Rumble," and I had fun playing as the Scrappy Kid. I documented my favorite attacks in this stylish Hong Kong action cinema game (in this case set at a wedding):
  • flying kick to the face (success!)
  • somersault toward a mook ending in splits at his feet to deliver a punch to the crotch (fail!)
  • sweep the legs since I couldn't reach the crotch (fail!)
  • drown a mook in the punch bowl (fail!)
  • throw a mook into the groom's cake (fail!)
  • whip cupcakes at a mook to soften him up for a flying kick into the buffet (fail!)
  • bash a new target with a serving platter (success so solid it took out a second mook!)

Feng Shui 2's action tracker

In the end, this session was OK-but-not-great, though I may save the details for a post about that topic later. The Feng Shui 2 system, though, I really like.


I hesitate to call mine a costume, since it's only made of a few parts and a prop, but this year I accessorized my new ultra-long Doctor Who scarf with some other wardrobe elements to represent the 4th Doctor.

TARDIS provided by a skilled builder at the con

Here were my favorite costume-related moments from the con:

  • An older lady gave me a heartfelt "Thank you!" (I assume she meant for representing the classic series, but it's possible she just appreciated me moving out of her way.)
  • A young man simply nodded and said, "Doctor."
  • Someone said, “I’ve always wanted a scarf like that. I just never made the time to make one.” (I wasn't sure how to answer that one. Neither have I? Also, he never actually complimented mine, so...)
  • A vendor excitedly told me about his favorite Doctor (#7)
  • And, my favorite: a young girl passing me simply said "Nice."

During my Time Lord adventures at the con, I also met one of my future selves, #8...

...and even ran into my mirror image!

This fellow was devastated that he'd forgotten
his wig and scarf, but he still looked amazing!

Here are some other costumes I liked (and got close enough to capture)...

So happy I found a Ghostbuster! 


As an admitted dice addict, I must confess to purchasing a set of dice within half an hour of entering the dealer's room. Much later, between games, I bought the Doctor Who 10th Doctor Sourcebook (adding him to my other favorite Doctors, #4 and #1) and a Gloom Expansion (in honor of Keith Baker).

Here's my favorite vendor. (Also, not coincidentally, the only one selling roleplaying games.)

Coming Soon: The MidSouthCon 2017 Finale!

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